Quadrivas Therapy is a Paramedic Therapy with unique, comprehensive and specialized techniques widely available in all sorts of physical problems and diseases.

The Quadrivas Therapy assumes that the human being as a living organism, is a anatomical and physiological unit. A logical combination of structure and function. Structure and function affect each other. This is done through vascular, neurological, lymphatic and biomechanical way. These systems work with keep the body healthy or to tackle a disease.

The therapy uses manual scraping and hitch-on techniques which ensure that as much as possible the total vascular system is being restored and excess fat deposits disappears. There is no use of medications or devices. It’s all done by hand.

Oxygen and nutrients find their way back to all body cells through this stimulus . The microcirculation is activated: tissues are drained, which has a slimming effect and inhibits the formation of new fat deposits. Besides cleaning up the blood vessels by a number of fast repetitive manual handles, the metabolism in the muscles is driven. Thereby are the blood vessels restoring completely, the muscle mass increases and body fat decreases. Better circulation has a moisturizing effect on the skin so that it is soft and smooth.

On the abdomen, the intensive intervention is also applied. Abdominal fat is thus’ treated away. Underlying organs are activated, so that the digestive system is functioning optimally again.

Muscles, joints and ligaments are more flexible, waste and excess fat by the body cleaned. The therapy, which course of treatment is applied in this manner, ensures that the self-healing capacity of the body through the cooperation between the different tissues is restored.

Tissues with a poor blood supply need external manipulation to function properly again.
Blood flow plays a major role in many syndromes and syndromes, as well as in recovery after operations or accidents.

Indications and audiences

Janneke Smitstra has more than ten years of experience in the treatment of conditions caused by impaired blood circulation. She treats successfully people with edema in the arms and / or legs and helps people get rid of painful, tired legs.

Quadrivas and Lipedema

It is now known that the Quadrivas Therapy is the only therapy in the world that can really treat Lipedema, also on the long term. Lipedema is a condition where a person has excessive fatty deposits on the upper and lower legs, often associated with a very poor condition of blood vessels and fluid accumulation. With Quadrivas Therapy, the Lipedema doesn’t come back. The typical complaints belong to Lipedema can be totally cured, Stage 1 and 2 are for 100% reversibel, Stage 3 gives a healing percentage of 50 till 80. Also other so called SAT (subcutaneous adipose tissue) disorders can be treated.

Quadrivas and Diabetes

For people with diabetes I and II is the Quadrivas Therapy an excellent treatment method to reduce the impact of this disease, for example atherosclerosis, also called arteriosclerosis, prevention.

Quadrivas and pain in muscles

But people with fibromyalgia, MS and other muscle and joint problems do well by a therapist Quadrivas for treatment. The diseases can not be cured, but pain reduces and often disappear completely.

Quadrivas and rehabilitation

In support of rehabilitation is the Quadrivas Therapy indispensable. After an accident or a orthopaedic operation the treatment causes quick recovery. In the treatment of disturbed scar tissue, connective tissue complaints and even post-traumatic dystrophy, the Quadrivas Therapy give very good results.

Quadrivas and poor healing wounds

Meanwhile there are also more and more people with poor healing wounds come to the Practice of Janneke Smitstra. For those clients, the strength of the Therapy lies in treating the blood circulation around the wounded area, in order to give self healing a powerful impulse.

Quadrivas and other conditions

The above list is not exhaustive. There are many other physical signs and symptoms that may be treated. With the Quadrivas Therapy at least can most physical symptoms that are caused by a disturbed circulation, be remedied. Even if sometimes plays for years and even seemed insoluble.

The Quadrivas Therapy is unique and has proven itself

Occasionally I treat people from abroad. There is a possibility that you’ll have to wait for this opportunity, due to a waiting-list.

Unfortunately I can not treat people when they are:

-Weighing more than 125 kilograms
-Had or have serious blood coagulation problems

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